Patient Participation Group

In setting up the Patient Participation Group (PPG) we invited expressions of interest from patients through a number of means.  We published our intentions in our monthly news letter, put posters around the practice premises and included information with repeat prescriptions. We have made particular efforts to attract interest from younger patients and from the Polish and Bangladeshi communities.

We are aware that we have not achieved as wide a representation as we would have liked.  Nonetheless, we have formed a group with a constitution, officers and terms of reference, and one which has already started to influence the way the practice functions.  We are very grateful to the current PPG members who have given generously of their time and effort.

The overall aim of our The Patient Participation Group is to develop a positive and constructive relationship between patients, the Practice and the community it serves, ensuring the practice remains accountable and responsive to all its patient’s needs.

Meetings are attended by the PPG members, the practice manager and one of the practice partners.